Review units1-5新目标.ppt

Review units1-5新目标.ppt

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Review units1-5新目标.ppt,本版为初一英语课件下载,所有的资源都免费下载,目标,,Revision of unit1-5 Good morning/afternoon/evening! How are you! Thanks=Thank you What's this in English? It's a/an... What's that in English? It's a/an... What color is it? It's ... What color are they? They're ... Color v. What's your/her/his name? My/Her/His name is...? What's your/her his first/last name? My/Her/His first/last name is...? What's his/her/your phone number? Introduction: My name is... My first name is... My last name is ... I'm in class... Grade.... I'm a boy/girl. I'm ... years old. My telephone number is.... Exercise: 1.What's that ____________ English? A. in B. on C. with 2.-____________ your name? -My name is Lucy. A. How is B. Who is C. What is 3.-____________ is your pencil case? -It's blue and white. A. How B. What color C. What 1.This is an English book.(对划线部分提问) ____________ is this? Unit2: Is this/that your backpack? Yes, it is No, it isn't. How do you spell it? Can you spell it? Found:Gold ring. Is this your ring? Please call Mary . Phone # 235-0285. Lost: My school ID card. My name is Steven. Please call 685-6034. Call sb at 3333 3。按要求转换句型 1.This is a pen.(变为一般疑问句) --------------- 2.Is this your pen?(肯定回答) --- ---- 3.How do you spell "ruler"?(回答) -------------- 4.Can you spell "ruler"?(回答) -------------- 5.Is that her pen?(否定回答) ---- ------ Is this a pen? Yes, it is R-U-L-E-R Yes,R-U-L-E-R,ruler. No, it isn't Unit3: This/That is my sister. These/Those are my sisters Is he/she .....? Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn't. Is this/that ...? Yes, it is. No, it isn't. Are these/those ...? Yes, they are. No, they aren't Introduce our family: This is a photo of my family. It's a happy family. This is my father. His name is... this is my mother. Her name is... These are my parents. ........... I love my family. ( )1.Is he your friend? Yes, ________. is isn't C.he is D.he isnReview units1-5新目标.ppt课件/ppt99课件下载网,提供免费课件下载,本站资源都是人工上传的,都经过审核确认无误和无病毒后才上传的,请各位师生放心下载使用,本站还需大家的多多的 支持,为更多的人提供方便.




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