Unit 4 How was your school trip ppt语法练习课件.ppt

Unit 4 How was your school trip ppt语法练习课件.ppt

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Unit 4 How was your school trip ppt语法练习课件.ppt,本版为初一英语课件下载,所有的资源都免费下载,语法,练习,课件,,UNIT4 HOW WAS YOUR SCHOOL TRIP? Exercise lesson Grammar hang 1 逗留 He always hangs out with his friends after school. 2 悬挂 He hung his coat on the door. 3 吊死 He hanged himself. Grammar else 与 other else是副词, 意为此外,另外,其他,常与疑问代词who what which连用,疑问副词when where和不定代词something anything nothing somebody anybody nobody连用. We must find somebody else to finish this job. other是形容词,意思是其他的,别的,放在名词前,常与数词some any no等连用. He has no other friends. Grammar end 1 at last in the end at the end of / at the beginning (start) of At the end of the year, the hero died. 2 They ended the party with a song. Grammar have a good time have fun enjoy oneself They have fun playing in the water. They have a good time shopping in the supermarket. He enjoys himself in the party. Grammar go for a drive 开车兜风 go for 常与旅行,远足,野餐,航海一类的名词连用 表示去,进行的意思,也可以用have或take表达这一含义. Let's go for a walk after supper,shall we? The children will go for a picnic tomorrow. Grammar in one's opinion In my opinion, English is the most important subject. Grammar 近意词解析 nobody, no one, none 三者均可表示没人,均为不定代词,但是用法不同: no one意为没有人,相当于nobody,不能和of连用 No one can answer this question. none意为没有什么人,也没什么东西,既可以指人,也可以指物,常与of连用,作主语时,谓语用单数,有时也可以用复数. None of them comes from Canada. no one 常引导who引导的句子 none常用来回答how many引导的问句. Who can answer this question? No one. How many sharks can you see? None. Grammar future in future= from now on 从现在起 in the future 在将来 Jia Xueshuai says he will study hard in future. Jia Xueshuai says he will study hard in the future. Grammar Past Tense go take have buy eat see hang meet win sleep put come wake read do go-went take-took have-had buy-bought eat-ate see-saw hang-hung meet-met win-won sleep-slept put-put come-came wake-woke read-read do-did Grammar That sounds interesting. sound在本句中是联系动词,意思是Unit 4 How was your school trip ppt语法练习课件.ppt课件/ppt99课件下载网,提供免费课件下载,本站资源都是人工上传的,都经过审核确认无误和无病毒后才上传的,请各位师生放心下载使用,本站还需大家的多多的 支持,为更多的人提供方便.