Unit 4 Stay Healthy(lesson31-32)ppt练习课件.ppt

Unit 4 Stay Healthy(lesson31-32)ppt练习课件.ppt

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Unit 4 Stay Healthy(lesson31-32)ppt练习课件.ppt介绍

Unit 4 Stay Healthy(lesson31-32)ppt练习课件.ppt,本版为初三英语课件下载,所有的资源都免费下载,练习,课件,,(十六) Unit 4 Lessons 31~32 (20分钟 50分) Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母提示完成单词(3分钟, 5分) 1. If you go out without a coat today, you'll probably f____ ill. 2. I haven't read it and my brother hasn't e____ . 3. Fruit and vegetables help you grow and s____ healthy. 4. The boy isn't at school today. He has been a____ for a week. 5. The doctor said it's just a cold. Nothing s____ . 答案:1. fall 2. either 3. stay 4. away 5. serious Ⅱ. 选择方框中的单词填空(3分钟,5分) without or until but with 1. He didn't go to sleep _____ it was very late last night. 2. I don't like fruit or vegetables, _____ the doctor says that they are necessary for our health. 3. Don't make any noise, _____ the teachers will be angry with us. 4. I can't finish this work _____ your help. Thanks a lot! 答案:1. until 2. but 3. or 4. without 5. -What's the matter _____ Danny? -He had appendicitis. 答案: with Ⅲ. 单项选择(3分钟,10分) 1. -Where's Rose? -I'm not sure. She ____ in the school library. A. maybe B. must be C. may be D. will be 2. I saw a thief ____ in a shop on my way home. I stopped ____ 110 at once. A. steal; call B. to steal; call C. stealing; to call D. stealing; calling 3. Her mother is not a teacher, and she is not a teacher, _____ . A. too B. also C. either D. neither 4. It is too hot. He has _____ . A. had cold B. have cold C. caught bad cold D. caught a bad cold 5. As we know, we can't breathe ____ our noses in the water. A. through B. across C. by D. in Ⅳ. 完成句子(3分钟,10分) 1. 这个小男孩见到他妈妈就不再哭了。 The little boy _____ cry _____ as soon as he saw his mother. 2. 托尼快速穿上衣服跑向公交车站。 Tony _____ _____ quickly and ran to the bus stop. 3. 妈妈从不给我汽水喝。 My mother never gave me pop _____ _____ . 答案:1. didn't;anymore 2. got dressedUnit 4 Stay Healthy(lesson31-32)ppt练习课件.ppt课件/ppt99课件下载网,提供免费课件下载,本站资源都是人工上传的,都经过审核确认无误和无病毒后才上传的,请各位师生放心下载使用,本站还需大家的多多的 支持,为更多的人提供方便.